I promised a post on some info on all of the fun DIY  fun-ness of Tyler and Lindsey’s wedding! So… here we go!  We’ll start with wardrobes…

I can tell you more about Lindsey’s outfit than I can Tylers, but I know Tyler found his (perfectly matching) tie on etsy.  Lindsey somehow snagged those fabulous (perfectly matching) shoes at payless…. What??!!! Yup! Payless. They were indeed awesome. She borrowed her super fab necklace from a friend, and found that gorgeous hair piece at a consignment store for about $15.

Lindsey asked all of her bridesmaids to pick out a navy dress of their choice. She really didn’t give them direction on the type or pattern – she basically told them to just go for it. IN LOVE. All of the girls felt wonderful in their dresses and you could tell. AND I LOVE THE WAY THIS LOOKS!  You can’t deny the awesomness of random bridesmaids dresses. 

The guys wore gray pants, and either suspenders or vests. Again… LOVE.  AND Again… they all felt so comfortable… and when your bridal party feels comfortable you get photos like…..


AND THIS!!!! This day was stress free- Lindsey and Tyler really didnt fret over details… they just wanted to get married and it made all the difference. It was a party all day!

Now to the flowers! The bridesmaids each carried a hand tied bouquet of  about 25-30 billy balls along with sprigs of baby’s breath. They were each wrapped in a piece of burlap.

The groomsmen’s’ boutonnieres were made of billy balls, baby’s breath, a fun paper leaf, and a string of raffia.

Lindsey’s boquet was filled with billy balls, yellow and white petite garden roses, succulents, baby’s breath, and yellow Alstroemeria.  All of the flowers were DIY  and really were super easy to put together! We ordered the Billy Balls online and picked up the rest from the local grocery – all in all it was a huge savings.

The mustaches were DIY as well. We made about 20 of these for around $10. Painted children’s clay on a stick!

In the early stages of planning, Lindsey mentioned the words “Paper Cranes” and thats when I got pumped!! I can’t begin to tell you how many fingers got arthritis over these lovely paper birds, but it made for a beautiful backdrop. We also brought in 4 old doors and 4 old windows. These things were found at thrift stores on the Chizeap.

They were beautiful!

Now for the reception! My favorite part!

I love imperfect cakes. I think they are perfect.  The cake was made by friends of the Bride and Groom (who need to go into business)  and the cake toppers were another DIY item. They were ordered off of etsy under $10 and were painted to look like MR. and MRS. Macchio of course!

I loved the old rustic mantle used as the backdrop to the cake. Again… this was an awesome thrift find – just at 15$

All of the DIY banners were made from Hobby Lobby paper. Can I give a shout out to my hobby lobby 50% sale!! We couldn’t have done it without ya!

With the scraps, Lindsey made chain links. And with the leftover cranes, three sets of birds were hung over each table. You wouldn’t know it… but this was a pretty plain jane reception hall.

Lindsey and I thrifted old mason Jars, wine bottles and glasses for the centerpieces along with old books for stacking. And obviously all of the branches were free thanks to my super sweet neighbor!

As for the photobooth, we just taped up several streams of crape paper, and again used the leftover paper cranes.

So there you have it. All the inexpensive DIY touches that made this wedding amazing. Sigh… they love eachother! And we just love them!
And because I feel bad ending with a goofy photo of the Macchios…
Check out the full post here.

All of the decor for this wedding was purchased for right under $200. This includes the flowers, the candles, and the table decor. I just wanted to take a second to show explain how we pulled this look together, and where you can find the same things!

Here you see some records, candles, and some white vases. Records can be bought at almost any thrift store for a nickle, and you will find gobs of these cute white vases at thrift stores as well!  I also made big prints of their initials, and put them on newspaper in a frame. A cute little thrifty addition that they can now use as decor in their home.

Courtney and Andy’s wedding was on New Years Day, so I was able to score a ton of great things from Target’s Christmas section for close to nothin! I grabbed the red kissing ball for $2 and the red arrangement for $2 as well!  And burlap is such a great addition to any table! At somewhere around $1.50 a yard, you can really fancy up a table on a pinch!

When decorating for your wedding think of what natural affordable things you can incorporate in the decor. Is your style rustic? You could probably incorporate some really amazing branches! Or random cuts of wood.You should have some in your own back yard, and its such a classy decoration!

Here are some examples:

Photo Credits:  Cake-Marthastewart.com, http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog, http://www.etsy.com/shop/vermontbranchcompany

Try to use the nature around you. Its always classic, and super affordable!

For Courtney and Andy’s wedding I incorporated lots of cranberries and rich red apples. It really mixed well with the thrifted vintage feel I was going for, and it really made a big difference!

What fruit can you include? Bright Green Apples? Deep Red Apples? Lemons? Fruit is a great  addition to table decor, and it doesn’t have to go to waste!

Hope some of these thrifty ideas inspire you to get to some local thrift shops and find some treasures!

Happy Wednesday!

So… Monday was a snow day… An awesome snow day. Columbia DOES NOT get snow, and somehow… Landon and I must have brought the snow with us because we have had two BIG snows the last two years here! Yesterday was so much fun. The city kinda shuts down, and it seemed that no one went to work. So all of our friends in the neighborhood had a get together which involved amazing chili, and a massive snowball fight that I chose not to participate in. It was just a great day! My favorite snow day ever! I say all of this to explain why “Monday’s” giveaway was not up yesterday. I blame it all on the snow.

Like I said, this week’s blog posts are going to be full of how to’s and giveaways from Courtney and Andy’s wedding.
Today’s post is a cute little How To!

Remember that Vintage Chic hairpiece that I made for Courtney? Let me remind you…

Ok… now let me show you how!

Viola! You have yourself a SWEET hairpiece and you have the SWEET satisfaction of making yourself! Its also a great little gift you can make for your bridesmaids. The cost in making one, is somewhere around $1.50.

And….. I we will be giving away one of these SWEET little things! The winner will be announced on Friday! To enter, you have to 1.) be a bride, 2.) leave a comment! Im so excited!

Ohh and… I also leave with you with some random photos of our doggies… While Landon was taking pictures of my hands working… he also grabbed these photos of our kiddos… this is where they are 90% of the day… at our feet while we are working… so sweet

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Alright… so… Im OBSESSED with weddings…. OBSESSED! I wish I could get married {to the same man of course} a million times! Weddings are so much fun, and I just love to decorate and colaborate details! AND….. I am super thrifty!!! So I thought {with the encouragment of some amazing friends – Amber and Josh} I would start some “Thrifty Fun” posts! Weddings can get expensive… but there are so many amazing ways to cut on cost!

First off… Im all about my clients trying to incorporate themselves into their wedding! Please don’t feel like you have to use a certain flower, or hold your wedding at a certain venue! Have an open mind and try to keep YOU in your wedding!

Let the games begin…. 🙂

We love to recycle! And…. we brake our drinking glasses A LOT!  About two years ago I decided to forget about nice drinking glasses, and just save all of our jars! We buy natural peanut butter – Which comes in a jar… and of course your spegetti sauce comes in a jar! The jars start to pile up, and then you have yourself the cutes collection of random jars! Like I said… we use them as drinking glasses… but I also use them as vases!!  So why not store up on jars? Use them as vases at your wedding!


Don’t feel like you have to use Mason jars! It can be any type of Jar! Jelly Jars, olive jars, dressing jars… all of them work! The variety in sizes and shapes creates an awesome look!  Wrap a piece of twine around em and you’ve got a great vase!

2Do you like to read? Do yo have tons of books stacked in shelves? Incorporate them! Wrap and ribbon around a stack of books and throw them in the middle of your tables and put one of the jars of wildflowers on top!  Huge Floral centerpieces are beautiful.. but they an be pricey. If you are on a budget stick with awesome thrifty centerpieces with splashes of flowers! Sometimes I think one peony in one little jar is more beautiful than a huge bouquet of peonies! Your table centerpieces can be beautiful AND affordable!  Check out what I mean in the pictures below… and check out the cute tin cans used for vases!!

3Alright! Lets talk about shoes! The bride’s shoes have got to be one of my favorite details of the day! I love to see color and detail! Its such a fun pop to a bride’s ellegant dress! But again… don’t think you have to buy that $200 pair of shoes to have that killer finish to your dress! Why don’t you try a $5 fix first!

4 Try taking a pair of old shoes, soaking them in some rit dye { I suggest a mixture of pink and orange to get the color above}, plus these awesome shoe clips you can make yourself for about $3 or  purchase on etsy {$18 bucks on etsy} …. You end up with a crazy awesome pair of shoes!!!

Ok… so these are my thrifty ideas for the day! I have so much more to bring to the table… and will post  many more “Thrifty Fun” posts!  I might even post a “How to” Video soon!!!

Lookout for these thrifty fun posts!!!