• Marianne Caldwell - We live and work at this special place but what your eye see and captures amazes us! Such a focused but broad perspective when I view these images with so many stories to tell. Our 2013 was made so much better by becoming friends and industry pals with you two! Let’s do a wedding together here in 2014! Y’all are a gift and so gifted from the Giver!

    Team RiverOaksDecember 13, 2013 – 9:21 pm

  • Emily @ Southern Weddings - Absolutely gorgeous! Two of our favorites combined!!December 18, 2013 – 12:09 pm

Eric & Lindsay


Styled by  Jessica Rourke

Florals by Fern-Studios

Calligraphy and invite: Lydia Hendrix

  • Amy Arrington - These are incredible!!!November 6, 2013 – 8:52 am

  • Leah March - stunning photography as usual! Such elegance…you guys do an amazing job of capturing the moment and the mood!November 6, 2013 – 1:45 pm

  • Tracy George - So amazing…Beautiful …this tells the story perfectly…Thank you for doing such an amazing. The details a GREAT!!!November 6, 2013 – 4:48 pm