Jeri and Chris… winter wedding

Their sweet wedding took place on USC’s campus. The campus is beautiful and really gave us some amazing photos. I loved Jerri’s empire waist ball gown… WITH POCKETS! I kinda always freak out over wedding dresses with pockets! Jerri and Chris are beautiful together. You could tell how excited they were about the day, they just kept smiling… the way little kids smile about Disney World! It was an amazing day, and we had so much fun working with them both! Congratulations to you both!

  • Weddingish - The shots with the bubbles are amazing!January 19, 2011 – 10:28 pm

Let em choose

A couple years back, before it was ever popular, one of our Brides let her bridesmaids go out and pick a blue dress of their choice. Sounds scary? NO WAY JOSE! It was my favorite bridal attire ever! There was patterns, solids, stripes. It was georgous! Each Bridesmaid carried a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. It made for the most beautiful pictures!

So here’s an idea…. why not let your bridesmaids pick different shades / styles of dresses in the same color

Like this:

All of these dresses are from .

And to follow along with the mix’n and match’n have each of the guys wear a different tie!

Its just an idea!

Happy Wednesday!

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  • Lindsey Wise - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Hmmmmm this vaguely sounds like May 21! :) January 20, 2011 – 7:52 am

Thrifted Centerpieces…. simple

All of the decor for this wedding was purchased for right under $200. This includes the flowers, the candles, and the table decor. I just wanted to take a second to show explain how we pulled this look together, and where you can find the same things!

Here you see some records, candles, and some white vases. Records can be bought at almost any thrift store for a nickle, and you will find gobs of these cute white vases at thrift stores as well!  I also made big prints of their initials, and put them on newspaper in a frame. A cute little thrifty addition that they can now use as decor in their home.

Courtney and Andy’s wedding was on New Years Day, so I was able to score a ton of great things from Target’s Christmas section for close to nothin! I grabbed the red kissing ball for $2 and the red arrangement for $2 as well!  And burlap is such a great addition to any table! At somewhere around $1.50 a yard, you can really fancy up a table on a pinch!

When decorating for your wedding think of what natural affordable things you can incorporate in the decor. Is your style rustic? You could probably incorporate some really amazing branches! Or random cuts of wood.You should have some in your own back yard, and its such a classy decoration!

Here are some examples:

Photo Credits:,,

Try to use the nature around you. Its always classic, and super affordable!

For Courtney and Andy’s wedding I incorporated lots of cranberries and rich red apples. It really mixed well with the thrifted vintage feel I was going for, and it really made a big difference!

What fruit can you include? Bright Green Apples? Deep Red Apples? Lemons? Fruit is a great  addition to table decor, and it doesn’t have to go to waste!

Hope some of these thrifty ideas inspire you to get to some local thrift shops and find some treasures!

Happy Wednesday!

  • Jessica A - My hubby and I, being English majors, used old literature books as centerpieces with a flower arrangement on top. The books cost nothing as we had them lying around the house!
    We also used old beat up romance novels and cut hearts out of the pages. We then burned the edges of the hearts to give it a rustic feel and punched holes on both sides. We then strung them onto a long piece of twine. Instant garland!
    Both of these projects added a personal touch to our wedding and were very cost effective!January 19, 2011 – 12:59 pm

  • admin - SUch a great idea! I swung over to the blog and saw it! Soo cute! I kinda want to make them for the house!January 19, 2011 – 3:33 pm