Zoe is finally here…

She was born last night! She is such a beautiful precious sweet girl. Allen and Courtney are going to be some of the most incredible parents we know!

We dropped in this morning to say hi and catch a few photos. She made my heart melt! Zoe is beautiful! I just love her!

  • Paige Cotney - Hi! Sorry to comment in such a random place but I didn’t really see anywhere else. I’m an avid YoungHouseLove reader and I saw your House Crash and I am smitten for your beautiful, thrifty, and unique home. One thing I am very interested in is how you made your vintage suitcase end tables. I LOVE vintage suitcases and I have quite a few of them and I was very excited to see them used in another way besides just storage, which is what I use them for. Is there anyway you can explain what you did or post some pics if you have them? Thank you so much and thank you for letting Young House Love crash your home…I look at it all the time!October 25, 2010 – 7:40 pm

  • admin - Hi Paige! Its super easy! We just took legs off of old side tables we weren’t using anymore, and screwed screws into each one through the inside of the suitcase!October 31, 2010 – 12:26 pm

Amy and Jon…

Amy TOTALLY should have competed for Miss America before she tied the knot. She would have been crowned – no doubt about it! She’s absolutely stunning… and lets talk about that dress!!! EEEEEEE so much fun! It made my month! I hope I get to wear a dress like that in heaven every day! Amy was a pretty big fan of the dress. She said, “If for some reason Jon doesn’t show up, Im just going to marry my dress” hehe I agreed! But of course, Jon showed up! He was anxious to get that ring on her finger! I love when our grooms get anxious to walk down that isle!

Amy and John’s wedding was held at the Westin on Hilton Head Island. I must say their Spa did a pretty fab job on hair and makeup! Two thumbs up from me! And Spencer Special Events coordinated the wedding – Amanda never fails and always does an incredible job!

Amy and Jon are such a beautiful couple inside and out. All day every time their eyes met they both beamed huge smiles! They really do love each other!

Congrats to the Nixons. You are beautiful, and so was your wedding! Thanks for letting us be apart of it! We loved every minute!

  • Elise - FABULOUS PHOTOGRAPHY!! Amy picked the right groom…and the right photographer!! :) September 20, 2010 – 10:20 am

  • Amanda Spencer - Gorgeous!! What a lovely day and a fabulous couple! Way to capture the beauty! Love you guys!!September 20, 2010 – 8:54 pm

Ashley and Drew

I met Ashley and my neighbor’s summer solstice party this past May. She got to talking about her wedding and all the details and I fell in love with all of her plans! I threw it out there that I was a wedding photographer and Bodda Bing Bodda Boom… we were scheduled to shoot their wedding! I was sooo excited! Anytime I hear “hydrangea” my little photography heart skips a beat.

It was so much fun! Ashley and Drew are fabulous people! Ashley made me feel like she had known me forever! Their reception was held at the Mill at Adam’s Pond, which is totally GORGEOUS! They had a good ole time with their friends and family with a little bit of karaoke on the side! They know how to throw a party! Thanks for letting us be apart of it! Enjoy your pictures!

  • Jenna - What a beautiful wedding and a wonderful couple you are! These gorgeous pictures capture the happiness and love you two share!September 15, 2010 – 1:23 pm

so this is love…hmhmhmhm

These two are so precious. When they are together, no one is around. Even when they are surrounded by 200+ wedding guests… its just them! Its always so much fun photographing those special couples. Those couples that have that special kid like love. Hilary and Joe are crazy around each other! Always laughing! Nothing but laughter! They put a continual smile on your face! I knew I was going to love working with them the day I met them! They are amazing people. The best part is, they live in Cola! We get to be friends! Those are my favorite clients – the ones that get to come over for dinner to pick up their pictures!

Hilary was so emotional before the ceremony! It was so sweet. Anytime it “sank in” that she was about to marry her best friend she would just tear up. And Joe seemed to feel the same way, just not as teary. They were both so anxious to finally be married.

Their ceremony and reception were held at 701 Whaley in downtown Columbia. Its such a cool rustic building! The floral arrangements and decor were stunning! And the band was killer! Such a rockin party! Don’t forget to check out the bouquet toss… some of the funniest photos we have ever caught! We had so much fun!

Hope you love them guys!

  • Amber Ulmer-Ulmer Studios - Jo & Lando… this wedding is so lovely! I love the bridesmaid’s dresses & the grooms tie!! :) The bride’s dress is seriously dreamy!! I love it!! What a sweet couple!! Great captures guys!! :) September 15, 2010 – 8:37 am

  • joe and hilary - We love them! They are all so beautiful! And love love love the ones of the bridemaids catching the bouquet! Hilarious! Thank you so much for everything you did! And yes to dinner any time!September 15, 2010 – 8:04 pm