Alright… so… Im OBSESSED with weddings…. OBSESSED! I wish I could get married {to the same man of course} a million times! Weddings are so much fun, and I just love to decorate and colaborate details! AND….. I am super thrifty!!! So I thought {with the encouragment of some amazing friends – Amber and Josh} I would start some “Thrifty Fun” posts! Weddings can get expensive… but there are so many amazing ways to cut on cost!

First off… Im all about my clients trying to incorporate themselves into their wedding! Please don’t feel like you have to use a certain flower, or hold your wedding at a certain venue! Have an open mind and try to keep YOU in your wedding!

Let the games begin….:)

We love to recycle! And…. we brake our drinking glasses A LOT!  About two years ago I decided to forget about nice drinking glasses, and just save all of our jars! We buy natural peanut butter – Which comes in a jar… and of course your spegetti sauce comes in a jar! The jars start to pile up, and then you have yourself the cutes collection of random jars! Like I said… we use them as drinking glasses… but I also use them as vases!!  So why not store up on jars? Use them as vases at your wedding!


Don’t feel like you have to use Mason jars! It can be any type of Jar! Jelly Jars, olive jars, dressing jars… all of them work! The variety in sizes and shapes creates an awesome look!  Wrap a piece of twine around em and you’ve got a great vase!

2Do you like to read? Do yo have tons of books stacked in shelves? Incorporate them! Wrap and ribbon around a stack of books and throw them in the middle of your tables and put one of the jars of wildflowers on top!  Huge Floral centerpieces are beautiful.. but they an be pricey. If you are on a budget stick with awesome thrifty centerpieces with splashes of flowers! Sometimes I think one peony in one little jar is more beautiful than a huge bouquet of peonies! Your table centerpieces can be beautiful AND affordable!  Check out what I mean in the pictures below… and check out the cute tin cans used for vases!!

3Alright! Lets talk about shoes! The bride’s shoes have got to be one of my favorite details of the day! I love to see color and detail! Its such a fun pop to a bride’s ellegant dress! But again… don’t think you have to buy that $200 pair of shoes to have that killer finish to your dress! Why don’t you try a $5 fix first!

4Try taking a pair of old shoes, soaking them in some rit dye { I suggest a mixture of pink and orange to get the color above}, plus these awesome shoe clips you can make yourself for about $3 or  purchase on etsy {$18 bucks on etsy} …. You end up with a crazy awesome pair of shoes!!!

Ok… so these are my thrifty ideas for the day! I have so much more to bring to the table… and will post  many more “Thrifty Fun” posts!  I might even post a “How to” Video soon!!!

Lookout for these thrifty fun posts!!!

  • Amber Ulmer-Ulmer Studios - JO!!!
    This is exactly what I was talking about. You nailed it! You go girl!!! Isn’t it freeing?! Now… have some fun!!

    Love you lots!
    BFFNovember 9, 2010 – 7:48 pm

This Hilton Head wedding was a blast! I just loved Katie’s Family! I loved every minute of working with these people!

We started the day out at the beach house! Katie was sitting in a chair getting her hair did! She was super calm and relaxed, even with David being only one room over! Katie made my day when she pulled out the birdcage veil! LOVE! Its just the best thing any bride can put on! So classy!! I loved Katie’s beautiful beachy dress! It was perfect!

We headed out to the beach for their ceremony, and made our way over to Windows on the Waterway for their fabulous reception! Allison, the coordinator with Celebrate Events, did an amazing job as always! It was beautiful! The tables were decked in hydrangeas and candles! Just Fabulousness! Katie and David threw a great party because the guests were having so much fun! They kept us smiling and laughing… especially that man of honor:)!

Freshcuts : flowers
Hilton Head Entertainment: DJ
Celebration Events: catering
Ill be posting David and Katie’s trash the dress tomorrow, so come back soon!!

  • Leah - I love her vintage look…she really knows how to work the camera.Beautiful wedding!November 8, 2010 – 2:53 pm

  • Katie - JORDAN and LANDON- Y’all are amazing!! I just relived my wedding and it was amazing. Thanks for capturing every special moment of our day. Wish we could have you at every event we have and go too. I’m in love with y’all :) November 8, 2010 – 4:31 pm

  • admin - Katie! We are so thrilled you love them! Nothing makes us happier then making our brides happy :) !!!November 10, 2010 – 9:53 am

  • susan knowles - Jordan and Landon, Thank You so much for the fabulous work you did, we can see this wonderful event over and over again, you are the very best, what would we have done without you!!!!! Forever grateful Momma SusanNovember 10, 2010 – 1:32 pm

October is AWLAYS our craziest month of the year! The weddings just get stacked! We had so much fun with our October brides! I just wanted to throw out a few shots of what we are working on! A little sneak peek!

Happy Monday!

  • Easily Inspired - Oh my gosh. I love the last picture. It looks like you’ve really captured their personalities!November 3, 2010 – 9:22 pm

What an awesome thing to wake up to!!! Paige and Scott’s wedding was published on Southern Weddings Blog! It really has made my day! Go check it out here
Screen shot 2010-10-27 at 10.51.50 AM
Also, a while back we sent all of our photos of our home into Young House Love! I love me some YHLBLOG!!! They published us in their House Crashers section! They are super awesome and we were so stoked! Check it out here
Screen shot 2010-10-27 at 11.10.34 AM

  • Amanda Kohler - Just starting following your blog. I am also huge fans of YHL, which is how I found your blog. Very cute house BTW :) But, more than that I love, love, love your wedding photography. I just forwarded along some of your pictures to a friend that’s getting married this year. Amazing!October 27, 2010 – 6:44 pm

  • admin - Thanks so much Amanda! What a sweet little message! Im so glad you stopped by! It made my day!October 31, 2010 – 12:25 pm