Here are a few sneek peaks of their session! And… Landon worked his magic again 🙂 He’s so good with that camera of his! I love this little video and all its cuteness! Lindsey and Tyler are just the greatest!!

Just wanted to share with you are holiday decor!

James and Sarah found us through Young House Love, the cutest blog ever, a few weeks ago when we were featured. We were so stoked that someone found us through YHL!! James and Sara decided to book us for their wedding 🙂 Their E – session was Ahhh MAZING! Sarah has flawless skin and is just beautiful! And James… is TOTALLY in love with her! So the combination made for some awesome shots! Check out this gorgeous couple!

So one of Landon’s passions is the art of video. When we started our business in 2006 we started with a photographer {me} and a videographer {landon}. He loves it, and is in a whole different world when he is creating his little masterpieces! About a year ago, we bought our first Mark II. Ever since, we have been trying to figure out how to incorporate Landon and his video work back into the business! Well… we brought it back!! Please don’t mistake it with “wedding video”. Landon likes to call it a “Wedding music video” 🙂

Check it out! Its pretty cool! Hopefully you will be seeing video posts of all different types on here! Like I said in my thrifty fun post – Some How to videos!! We are so excited!

Mason and Andrea from Landon Thompson on Vimeo.