Do you travel?

Yes, we will travel for your wedding! Please email for more info.

How do I book our wedding date?

Shoot us an email and we will let you know whether or not your date is booked. If your date is open, we will start by discussing all of your wonderful wedding details and any answer any questions you might have. From there, we shoot ya our contract, and require 35% of your total to reserve your date.

When will I receive my photos?

Portraits have a 4-6 week process time, and weddings have a 4-8 week process time.

What should we wear for our portrait session?

We really just want you to be you! White button ups + pressed blue jeans aren’t allowed in our shoots! ¬†We like colors, and bold prints! Royal colors, and jewel tones show up great on the camera – try to stay away from florescent pinks or yellows. Gals, if you do choose to wear a funky fun pattern, have your guy wear solid colors. Bring your style to the table- make sure to bring hats, glasses, or anything else that you like to rock out on a daily basis.