The Macchio Wedding / DIY INFO

I promised a post on some info on all of the fun DIY  fun-ness of Tyler and Lindsey’s wedding! So… here we go!  We’ll start with wardrobes…

I can tell you more about Lindsey’s outfit than I can Tylers, but I know Tyler found his (perfectly matching) tie on etsy.  Lindsey somehow snagged those fabulous (perfectly matching) shoes at payless…. What??!!! Yup! Payless. They were indeed awesome. She borrowed her super fab necklace from a friend, and found that gorgeous hair piece at a consignment store for about $15.

Lindsey asked all of her bridesmaids to pick out a navy dress of their choice. She really didn’t give them direction on the type or pattern – she basically told them to just go for it. IN LOVE. All of the girls felt wonderful in their dresses and you could tell. AND I LOVE THE WAY THIS LOOKS!  You can’t deny the awesomness of random bridesmaids dresses. 

The guys wore gray pants, and either suspenders or vests. Again… LOVE.  AND Again… they all felt so comfortable… and when your bridal party feels comfortable you get photos like…..


AND THIS!!!! This day was stress free- Lindsey and Tyler really didnt fret over details… they just wanted to get married and it made all the difference. It was a party all day!

Now to the flowers! The bridesmaids each carried a hand tied bouquet of  about 25-30 billy balls along with sprigs of baby’s breath. They were each wrapped in a piece of burlap.

The groomsmen’s’ boutonnieres were made of billy balls, baby’s breath, a fun paper leaf, and a string of raffia.

Lindsey’s boquet was filled with billy balls, yellow and white petite garden roses, succulents, baby’s breath, and yellow Alstroemeria.  All of the flowers were DIY  and really were super easy to put together! We ordered the Billy Balls online and picked up the rest from the local grocery – all in all it was a huge savings.

The mustaches were DIY as well. We made about 20 of these for around $10. Painted children’s clay on a stick!

In the early stages of planning, Lindsey mentioned the words “Paper Cranes” and thats when I got pumped!! I can’t begin to tell you how many fingers got arthritis over these lovely paper birds, but it made for a beautiful backdrop. We also brought in 4 old doors and 4 old windows. These things were found at thrift stores on the Chizeap.

They were beautiful!

Now for the reception! My favorite part!

I love imperfect cakes. I think they are perfect.  The cake was made by friends of the Bride and Groom (who need to go into business)  and the cake toppers were another DIY item. They were ordered off of etsy under $10 and were painted to look like MR. and MRS. Macchio of course!

I loved the old rustic mantle used as the backdrop to the cake. Again… this was an awesome thrift find – just at 15$

All of the DIY banners were made from Hobby Lobby paper. Can I give a shout out to my hobby lobby 50% sale!! We couldn’t have done it without ya!

With the scraps, Lindsey made chain links. And with the leftover cranes, three sets of birds were hung over each table. You wouldn’t know it… but this was a pretty plain jane reception hall.

Lindsey and I thrifted old mason Jars, wine bottles and glasses for the centerpieces along with old books for stacking. And obviously all of the branches were free thanks to my super sweet neighbor!

As for the photobooth, we just taped up several streams of crape paper, and again used the leftover paper cranes.

So there you have it. All the inexpensive DIY touches that made this wedding amazing. Sigh… they love eachother! And we just love them!
And because I feel bad ending with a goofy photo of the Macchios…
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